The Wisdom Archive collects, stores and shares the essence of people from throughout human history who dedicated at least a part of their life to exploring the ultimate truth about the nature of our existence.

The Archive is interested in exploring and expanding on people from any background, creed or origin who sought truth through any interaction with the world, so whether via actions, art, words or other.

The Archive is dedicated to those who had the courage to face boredom and self-doubt, to go inside themselves and, consequently, to authentically challenge arrogance, dogma and / or ignorance present in themselves and beyond. “Their” level of “success” is not of interest to us, the nature of their being is, for it is “they” who truly sought answers to questions bigger than any of us and in turn created any and all true human wisdom.

The Truth Archive is curated online and physically at the Trust Station location in Skubianka, Poland.

The Wisdom Archive (in association with Hermit Overland) also travels the globe visiting locations associated with people through whom the wisdom that is being curated by the Archive passed through.

The Wisdom Archive is part of the Truth Project.